Saturday, 13 October 2012

oct, 13th - petersham revisited....

day 973 / 72:

it must be Autumn again in these we've started to plan our weekends around visits to Petersham Nurseries {see day 603 and day 743} followed by walks amongst the deer at Richmond Park {see day 628 and day 615}. as soon as the leaves start to turn and there's a chill in the air, we seem to get drawn to this part of London....

Petersham just seems to get better with age. there is a new garden shop and greenhouse tea-room....and i have to confess that with a young baby in the house again, i have a soft spot for any place that has great changing facilities (i've had enough kneeling on floors, balancing on laps and changing-whilst-trying-to-ensure-that the-baby-doesn't-touch-any-surface experiences in the past).

although i recently ate in the restaurant again (and had the most incredible courgette flower risotto).....we still favour the tea-room. here you line up for trays of the stew of the day and find your own spot in the greenhouse. this is usually followed by too many slices-of-cake-to-share and a pot of coffee. our only excuse being that their cakes usually have some fruit or vegetable added and are too interesting to resist: carrot cake, beetroot and chocolate, lemon poppy seed, banana and see our dilemma.

at least we attempt to walk it all off afterwards in Richmond Park.....

and i'm surprised that Limi remembers her 'oh deer' pose from last year {see day 616}....we haven't spoken  about it in months. anyway, Autumn it's good to see you again and Petersham, well it's like visiting an old friend. see you again soon.

editor's note: A. reminded me that the love of deer started way back on day 393.

p.s. thank you to the stunning Maegan from Maegan for featuring the blog (us dot dot dot bloggers stick together :)

p.p.s. welcome to all the new followers....i hope that you enjoy the space and seeing a snippet of life in London


  1. i love petersham and richmond park so much. we love going for walks to see the deer and take far too many photos just because :)

  2. I love that place and can't wait to go visit again - jealous you can go so often!

  3. your blog is filled with such beauty and magic. i feel as though i am walking into a lovely world of elegance and yet also childlike wonder. so theatrical and dramatically enchanting! beautiful, beautiful, like a song that you cannot forget.

  4. Oh look at you three beautiful girls !!!

  5. It looks like such a fabulous place. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!


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