Monday, 5 November 2012

nov, 5th - cross blanket....

day 996 / 95:

i kept on seeing this blanket pop up on stylish blogs that i read and after discovering the story behind their production, i decided to buy one for each of the girls. the designer is Pia Wallén, a Swede, who uses traditional techniques to create beautiful pieces (many with this Crux pattern).

the original Crux blanket was made using the wool from their very own sheep farm in Sweden. only one hundred blankets are made each year. in 2011, they launched the Cross blanket, with the same design, using ecological cotton from Peru. again, these blankets are made in small production runs to ensure that the blanket never becomes a mass market item.

they are beautifully soft, carefully made, reversible depending on whether you're having an off-white on black day or a black on off-white day and hopefully something that the girls can keep forever.

i bought mine from story north who were fantastic. they contacted me to let me know that i had bought the last one in stock and would need to wait for the second one to arrive. obviously i am not the only one who's been blog-brain-washed....

p.s. in other news, Claya has discovered her feet!!
p.p.s when Limi draws people, they now have bodies and crazy hair!
p.p.p.s. and finally, father christmas, if you're reading, i'm certain that the adult size blanket will fit down our chimney.....


  1. I must seriously stop reading your blog! I saw the blanket on Bleubird, thanks for the link!!!!!! xoxoxoxxo

  2. where did your newborn go? she got chubb! yay! nice blanket...I've seen it pop up a few times too.

  3. She's starting to look like her Daddy, don't you think?

  4. beautiful :) great blanket ;)

  5. That first shot of Claya is Limi all over (such a cutie) .... and I looooove the blanket
    You must show us some of Limi's people,they sound adorable !!!

  6. That baby is gorgeous!!!!!!! And so is the blanket ;)

  7. I want one of these blankets so bad!!!!!!! <3


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