Wednesday, 10 March 2010

mar, 10th - imaginary baby yoga...

day 32:

And so the activities was our first Mums & Me yoga session. 9 Girls + 9 Babies + Instructor + flexible Teddy-bear (for instructor's substitute baby) = lots of noise, mats, rattles, bare breasts (& bottles too), towels, coats, snowsuits & baby modes of transport. Lucky we have a big room!

The first 40 minutes are for the mums. The babies lie on blankets at the front of the mat and watch with trepidation as their mother's try to recall the muscles and flexibility they had before they carried a bowling ball around for 9 months. The last 20 minutes or so, is mainly yoga for the babies. They do gentle stretches (aided by their mother's) and accompanied by some melodic rhymes. Although there are also a couple of exercises where we use the babies as mini dumb-bells. The babies seem to love it...with some even giggling from start to finish...obviously these are the more advanced babies who can see the ridiculousness in the situation.

This week I didn't get to see how Limi enjoyed her yoga as she once again slept through an entire outing...(which made me look quite silly when I was singing and stretching my imaginary baby) week I'm taking along a teddy-bear just in case!

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