Friday, 12 March 2010

mar, 12th - baby whisperer...

day 34:

Limi has given us a really gentle introduction to far....which probably means some interesting teenage years to come. But since birth, the only time that she really cries is when she seems to have nappy-filling-pain (oh, and that first bath!). I took her to see the midwife, who helpfully said that she could weigh her (maybe we could compare before nappy and after nappy weights?) but in terms of the stomach pain, to make an appointment with the doctor. I then took her to the doctor (day 30) who said to give her a week and see how she progressed. Well, a week is a long time when you have 11 nappies a day to deal with and the majority cause a bit of pain! So, I decided to look for alternatives! My yoga teacher had recommended a chiropractor...

A chiropractor! My opinion of chiropractors is limited to one experience in the late eighties where it was all about turning you upside down and cracking-your-bones-until-they-squeak manipulation....not something that appeals for a 4 week old baby. But since my yoga teacher was talking from experience and this particular surgery deals with babies and digestive issues I thought that I would give them a try!

Well...I've found the baby whisperer, his name is Stephen and he operates in West London! We took a niggly Limi in to see him. After trying a few different 'holds' to no affect I handed her over and within 30 seconds she became a rag-doll and went to me what button to press. Not only that..Stephen started chatting to Limi and within about 2 minutes A. & I were ready to put our heads back and sleep (a talking lullaby). As we struggled not to nod off, he regaled us with a story of a family who brought in their 8.5 month baby who had never slept for more than 1.5 hours at a stretch. At the start of the consultation, he was talking to the baby to calm her down and looked up to see both parents passed out on the couch....they slept for the full hour. So really, he's the people whisperer!

We managed to stay awake to see some of the gentlest 'manipulation' I have come across (to the point where A. thinks that Stephen was just holding her on his lap for 40 minutes). He assessed Limi and found that she had some tightness in her left shoulder and right hip. It is common for infants to have tightness/ misalignment as a result of their origami time in the womb or travels into the world. This tightness usually disappears over time as the baby 'unravels' him/herself. Anyway, with some gentle manipulation this unravelling can usually be speeded up. The receptionist said that after amazing results with their first babies, parents have even been known to come passed with their second on the way back from the hospital. I can definitely see the benefits!

By the time he handed her back to us, Limi was in a trance-like state. She's generally a very chilled out baby but this was on a different level...I imagine a bit like having one of those 6-handed, head to toe massages (yes, they do exist..use Google!) Since then she's been even more laid-back and most of the pain seems to have gone. I have another appointment in ten days. This time, I'm taking my pillow!

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