Monday, 22 March 2010

mar, 22nd - dreaded forums....

day 43:

Some good advice.....avoid pregnancy and parent (P&P) forums whenever possible. In fact, I'd say avoid any forum that brings out the judging public but, this 'preaching' element, seems especially virulent in P&P forums.

I first came across them when pregnant and innocently Googled 'pregnancy chicken liver pate'. Some poor, pregnant comrade had mistakenly eaten chicken livers and then made the even bigger error of asking for opinion. Well the responses would have had her scared witless....I was, for even thinking about liver pate.

Another favourite forum topic is pregnancy and certainly gets a whole bunch of (mainly) women fired up!

Anyway, since having Limi, I try to remember that there are plenty of places in the world where children survive very well without two different types of pram mattresses (one for outside and one for inside...honestly), a bath/room/cot thermometer, mothers who regularly eat food off the taboo food list and a plethora of medication. The 'preaching' may mean well...but it can in many cases just appear to be overkill. So now, when I can't avoid the opinion of 'yummymummy52' and 'mom2B4sammie', I can at least start to recognise the opinion of someone who would avoid popping into that cafe for a relaxing coffee due to having 'packed' the wrong pram mattress that day.

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