Sunday, 14 March 2010

mar, 14th - mother's day...something that used to happen to other people!

day 36:

So, Mother's Day used to be something that happened to our Mothers...i.e. one of those days that you mark in red in case you forget to call your mum..send flowers...write cards and generally tell her how much you appreciate her. At the start of the week I was even doing the 'I must remember Mother's Day' chant! Until, I realised....that this year it's all about me...(well me and about 2 billion other women!)

Since A. is new to this and Limi is not up-to-speed on online shopping yet, I thought that it was worth reminding him. So, A & Limi took me out for lunch followed by a fab stroll in the sunshine. But, the best gift of all was a 2 hour lie-in...bliss!

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