Thursday, 4 March 2010

mar, 4th - social butterfly...

day 26:

Limi earned her social butterfly stripes today. First we introduced her to my hairdressers where she was an instant hit as she slept for 4 solid hours on Nix's lap. Then we hopped into a black cab (my first pram/cab adventure) and headed to high-tea at Sketch. There is a pretty tea parlour at Sketch that I really wanted to show Nix. Limi woke to admire the ceiling and then we had to negotiate a discreet feeding session over the macaroons and scones. Last time I was at Sketch, I loved the bathrooms that are like the inside of a glittery, faberge egg. Last time though....I only had a 8 month bump to position in front of the basin. This time, I was trying a nappy-change balancing Limi on a closed loo seat and squinting at my cleaning job in the mood lighting. There's a lot to be said for basing our future destinations on the bright, halogen lit, flat surfaced bathrooms.

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