Thursday, 25 March 2010

mar, 25th - 6 week check...

day 46:

It was Limi's 6-8 week assessment today. She is 6wks + 5 days. These checks are mainly to ensure that she is developing both physically and neurologically. So, what did the doctor check:

  • Her fontanelles - these are the two soft spots on her skull, one at the back and one at the front. The one at the back usually closes by 6 weeks (hers has) while the one at the front can take up to 18 months. Dr Elliot said hers looks fine and pointed it out so at least I now know where it is.
  • Shape and size of her head - did I ever mention that we have big heads in our family (which was most evident when we had to get the large riding hats as children...still scarred). Anyway, Limi's shape is fine (especially if she wants to one day rock the Sinead O'Connor look). Although she started with an above average sized head (on the chart), today's measurement appears to indicate that her head is shrinking in relation to her body....must be taking after A.
  • Eyes - first using an ophthalmoscope to look closely at her eyes (no problem) and second check was for her to follow the doctor with her eyes as she first moved from centre to her left and then right. We should have practised that one....she did it no problem...but only once we could get her to concentrate on the doctor instead of the stethoscope, light, curtain, hand, me...
  • Heart - a cold stethoscope to check the rhythm & her breathing...all fine.
  • Abdomen - the shape and colour and then a cold handed gentle probing....all good.
  • Hips - a couple of manoeuvres to check the joints and symmetry...obviously the baby yoga is working
  • Her Bits - all fine.
  • Weight - she is now 4.17 kgs...a bit below average for a girl but well within normal
  • Startle Reflex - easily proved by the cold stethoscope. Although, since we have a very brutal door buzzer at home, her noise startle reflex is somewhat dulled.
  • Smile - that one's easy.....she's happy to give strangers her most dazzling smile and doesn't reserve any special treatment for family and friends.
  • Strength - she impressed on this one (aaah, the training that we did this morning paid off). Holding both hands, Dr Elliott gently lifted her off the bed to see how strong her neck has become.
So, onwards and upwards on the growing.....

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  1. oi my head is normal it's my ears that just stick out so whilst i can get my head through the bars getting it back out is another matter....your sister (it's easier posting it as anonymous )


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