Wednesday, 3 March 2010

mar, 3rd - dark side....

day 25:

So, before we had Limi, we vowed that we would not discuss contents of nappies with anyone besides each other/the doctor/midwife or family members who came to help out. I couldn't get my head around the fact that people who had previously happily discussed the state of the economic meltdown, the merits of a holiday in Morocco vs Tunisia, the latest gadget to drool over or anything with a bit of substance....were reduced to discussing the colour, texture and volume found in their newborn's nappy.

That was sadly, I get it! I would happily discuss the contents of nappies all day long with anyone willing to listen. Because, as all those parents who I previously ridiculed would say.... with an's about the only way that a newborn communicates in the first few weeks. Are they healthy, happy, content?? It's all in the reading of the nappy. And with so many 'readings' in one day, it can become a bit of an obsession. So, the reason you feel the need to overshare is not due to some parental-poop-pride but because as with every instruction manual, it's all in the interpretation. How is one to know if one person's mustard-yellow, is not another person's grass green? One of the baby sites even has a helpful Powerpoint presentation showing the different shades to expect (at least they decided against sound effects!)

I take back every harsh word that I have ever said against nappy-discussers. I will try and refrain from bringing up the topic over dinner but if you see me studying the mustard jar....don't ask why!

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