Monday, 10 May 2010

may, 10th - skype hype....

day 92:

i have never been a huge fan of skype...i prefer picking up the phone and talking to conversations always appear to go something like this:

1st person: can you hear me?
2nd person: yes, can you hear me?
1st person: can you see me?
2nd person: no, not yet. can you see me?
1st person: i can see you. can you see me?
2nd person: wait, i think i can see you.....hello....hello? can you hear me? oh we seem to have lost connection....
2nd person: can you hear me?
1st person: yes, can you hear me?
2nd person: yes, can you see me?
1st person: yes, can you see me?
2nd person: yes. hi! [then lots of waving of hands]
1st person: hi! [lots of waving of hands]
2nd person: oh, you seem to be breaking up. should we try again?
....start from top....

by this stage i'm £%£$£$@£ thinking, let's just pick up the phone and actually have a conversation. but with limi, having a telephone conversation is fairly limited so i can really appreciate the value of skype. far-flung grandparents have been able to meet her in 2D and we're looking forward to when they can read her bedtime stories and show her the pics. since i've been in Hong Kong A. has also been able to talk to us every day (and sing limi her favourite tunes). the only issue is that she can't seem to understand that he is not really here and she keeps lunging at the screen....

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  1. always love your pictures they are amazing and she looks gorgeous i miss you both already


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