Tuesday, 18 May 2010

may, 18th - 100 day report-card....

day 100:

In 100 days, Barack Obama’s report card showed that he had delivered on some of his climate change promises, started to achieve progress on economy and reassessed the US priorities in Iraq. David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s report will be just as closely scrutinised. These powerful men may be tackling 1st world issues....but one Limi has achieved the following in 100 days:

-       Breathed air (day 0)
-       Held her head up without assistance (day 4)
-       Become an official person (day 12)
-       Produced her first big gummy smile (day 22)
-       Started cooing 
-       Discovered her hands 
-       Discovered her feet (day 52)
-       Learnt to sing …ish (day 61)
-       Managed to suck her toes….a skill that doesn’t seem to carry into adulthood
-       Realised the joy of pulling hair….let’s hope that the release reflex kicks in soon 

We have achieved the following:

-       100 days without breaking her or each other
-       an average of 5 hours sleep a night...and even a bit of a routine (day 38)
-       a sense of humour (even on days like these....day 78)
-       pram knowledge (not just the handling, also the assembly and dissembly)
-       a collection of nursery rhymes (day 51)
-       a number of songs containing the word limi [My Girl Limi-pop...anyone?]
-       one-handedness skills

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