Friday, 28 May 2010

may, 28th - history lesson.....

day 109:

It is not living that matters, but living rightly. Socrates 

travelling for us, is not just about ticking off a list of sights but also about hours spent at cafes soaking up the local atmosphere and often....a traipse down small, crooked alleys looking for a specific shop or cafe that i've read about...but given that this was the very first trip to Greece for all 3 of us, there was so much mainstream history to absorb...that we were real tourists. after a hike up to the Acropolis we visited the new Acropolis Museum....definitely one of my new favourite museums of the world.....and of course with the interesting debate still surrounding the 'missing' pieces that reside in London it was interesting to look at artefacts from a jigsaw perspective...head in London, body in Athens!!

[no photography is permitted in the new museum. the below pics are from the Acropolis, the Archaeological Museum and the British Museum that we visited the day that we got back!]

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