Tuesday, 4 May 2010

may, 4th - hong kong top 5......

day 86:

So limi has spent her first 80 days pretty secluded from the world....and now, not only is she meeting cousins, dogs , cats and horses for the first time she is also completely captivated by the assault on her senses which is Hong Kong....she permanently has a wide eyed look and i'm wondering how i'm going to keep her entertained back in London. 

these are a few of my favourite things about Hong Kong...

- it's where my family are
- the juxtaposition of east and west...vertical buildings towering over historic lanes, dai pai dongs next to brand new shopping centres, history and the latest-greatest colliding everywhere
- amazing markets where you can pick up something beautifully hand crafted and something mass produced (it's that juxtaposition thing again)
- the dim sum restaurants where trolleys are wheeled around offering you fresh-out-the-kitchen morsels
- streets dedicated to one thing...like the wedding card street
- dramatic scenery
- incredible buildings...the modern sky-scrapers and the ancient temples
- the red taxis
- finding something new each visit

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