Wednesday, 5 May 2010

may, 5th - preserving history...

day 87:

one of the things i contemplated today was how much of the historic Hong Kong would still be around for limi to see one day. we ate in one of the few Chinese heritage building left in HK tonight called The Pawn

The restaurant, is located in 4 historic tenement houses (completed between 1888 and 1900) that have been preserved, by a restaurant group interested in retaining Hong Kong's history. This area in Wan Chai used to be dedicated to Pawn shops (a few still survive!)

and one was housed in this historic building, hence its' name....

[a detail of the front]

limi didn't really absorb any of this history lesson and i've promised her that i won't bore her with it when she's older. she just enjoyed the fact that jet-lag meant that she was awake during dinner for a change....

[with stavvie and nix]

she did enjoy the lights though.....

[our view from the table]

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