Wednesday, 26 May 2010

may, 26th - finding the balance....

day 107:

finding the balance....i guess this is the obvious statement that every parent and couple debates...share of chores (baby & house) vs fun-filled hours spending quality time with the baby vs work to bring in the coins vs personal time vs couple time. 

we haven't managed to work it out yet....throw tiredness, lack of time and a steep learning curve into the mix and it can get very messy. i have had my moments......after a night of getting up with limi every 3 hours and then having 12 straight day hours of doing chores and entertaining her....i get hugely jealous of A breezing off to work in the morning and managing to have a shower, make a coffee, read a newspaper...all without an audience and a time limit. it's hard to explain to someone just how tiring the endless round of feed, burp, change, bounce, change position, feed, burp, change, bounce, change position......can be.

on the other hand...i'm sure that there are days where he sees limi and i snuggled up in the bed in the morning when he wishes that he didn't have to drag himself off to earn the coins...and could spend the day playing peek-a-boo...and deciding whether to have a stroll in the park, along the river or to the shops.

we have managed to find some rhythm...i try to get limi into bed by 7-ish and A. gets home, cooks dinner and pours me a glass of wine...weekends are often spent playing sleep-tag.... but we're still some way off feeling like we're both getting the balance right both personally and together!

so.........having holiday time together is amazing from a number of gave A. a better appreciation of how unrelenting it can be to care for limi from 7 (well...more like 6am) to 7...and it gave me a better understanding of how much he is missing out on and how lucky i am to spend this time with her......

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