Saturday, 22 May 2010

may, 22nd - by sea....

day 104:

i love travelling by of my favourite trips is splurging on a 1st class Eurostar  trip between London and Paris (see day 81) reminds me of a romantic time where the pace was slower and people appreciated the distances and differences between places.

my next best way to by water. big boats, small boats, ferries....water has factored into some of my best travelling times. years ago, i spent two days travelling down the coast of turkey by ferry and loved sitting on the deck watching the coast go by, fascinated by the collection of passengers who ranged from crumpled looking stylish grans in gold-rimmed glasses and blue trim blazers.

so....with no flight to Kithira till Monday and our friend, Stav, waiting for us on the island....we decided to catch the weekly ferry that travels between Athens and Kithira.....the ferry takes 6.5 hours.....and arrives at 1am!!!

Limi took the trip in her stride and stayed up waaay past her bedtime....probably due to the sugar-enhanced kids on the ferry who were tearing around with wild and loud abandon.....but at about 11pm, when limi was merrily dreaming away...the same kids were coming down from their sugar high and having meltdowns all over the ferry with parents scooping up the puddles!

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