Monday, 24 May 2010

may, 24th - greek honey.....

day 106:

well...we're into day 5 of our visit to Greece and our first family holiday. after years of feeling like we could be spontaneous and adventurous, I was concerned that travelling with a baby would mean that those feelings would be replaced with frustration and restrictions but in just means that we are delayed by the many people...young and old, who stop to coo and show genuine delight in the fact that we have added to the population!

rather than feeling like foreigners and Limi alienating people....we have found that (well in Greece at least) a baby means that you can get under the skin of a place...conversing with locals...

Local: [says something in Greek that you don't understand]
Us: [smile...look clueless]
Local: [points to Limi] How old?
Us: trion minon [three months old! the tiny bit of Greek that we have learnt and use as much as Hello! Thank You! Please!]

given that we love seeing a place from the inside rather than an outside....we should have had a baby years ago!!

thanks Limi for introducing us to the locals!

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