Wednesday, 19 May 2010

may, 19th - advice......

day 101: 

it seems that having a baby, opens you up to everyone’s opinions on how to feed, clothe, care for and raise this new person. some advice is not helpful and seems to be a criticism...especially when you are taking tentative steps into this new, crazy world…but I have also received some really amazing, welcome advice over the last 100 days….so here’s a thanks to:

-       a midwife at Chelsea and Westminster who explained the art of feeding to me on day 3

-       Alexa, who reminded me not to rock Lissom to sleep and start a pattern of rocking-sleep association…Limi can now put herself to sleep without any help….a truly wonderous skill!

-       my sister, who not only gave me the confidence to trust my instincts but also revealed the secret that blue around her mouth means wind

-       Bonnie, who said to try and start each day at the same time...definitely helped with understanding Lissom's patterns

-       Colwyn, who encouraged me to go to Hong Kong even though I was nervous about Limi’s routine  becoming topsy-turvy. she made me realise that even though we had managed to create a good routine….many things can, and will, disrupt it (her vaccinations, teething, illness, growth) so, amazing opportunities should not be missed because of fear of disrupting her routine…

-       my mum, who told me to feed Limi on take-off and landing…but who has also reminded me to enjoy every second       

and Finally, one of my favourite .....from Melissa, who has a fantastic baby blog....:

"People have their opinions on sleep schedules, on vaccinations, on weaning, on discipline - but remind yourself that your baby is one of a kind and no one else on this entire planet will intensely research, pray about, lose sleep over or debate what is the best option for your family more than you will."

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