Tuesday, 11 May 2010

may, 11th - iconic hong kong....

day 93:

the whole feeding-in-public debate is tricky...in my opinion it's such an individual thing and really depends on what you are most comfortable with....although i respect some people's desire to normalise it (with controversial slogans like: if feeding offends you why don't you put a blanket over YOUR head), my own view is less confronting and i'm happy to try and be as discreet as possible. 

of course, in trying to be discreet, you sometimes feel like you're wrestling with a squirming sleeping bag and that you may at any point do a janet-jackson-at-the-superbowl but any issues that i may have had with feeding in public had to be quickly squished in Hong Kong because not only did the time difference make it difficult to predict limi's routine but also, the heat brought on fears of dehydration.

 so, here i am feeding limi at a beautiful restaurant in the sky (the iconic HSBC building behind me) while people sip cocktails around me......

limi and i had gate-crashed nix and douglas' anniversary dinner at the beautiful Sevva in the iconic Prince's building. after cocktail hour and limi becoming fixated with douglas' bracelet-beads, she slept through the entire meal...think that she's getting the hang of this time difference thing!

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  1. oh love the one of you and her and also the one with douglas


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