Monday, 12 July 2010

jul, 12th - vuvu south africa....

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day 150:

farewell to the soccer world cup! South Africa has done themselves proud….i have loved all the stories from friends about their wonderful experiences all around the country….and watched the entire tournament with a lump in my throat and a yearning to be home to see the world fall in love with all the things that make South Africa the wonderful place that I still call home…..the people…their warmth, humour and diversity….the incredible wildlife and landscapes….the wildness, urban-ness, rural-ness, creative-ness, and lots of other nesses. if you haven’t been…GO….it’s a beautiful, raw, inspiring, friendly place.
i am unbelievably excited to take limi home and have her smell the African air and absorb all that vibrancy. 

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