Tuesday, 6 July 2010

jul, 6th - 5 months....

day 144:

5 months old today! so...the 5 month round-up....

Dimensions & Weight:

Lenth - 65cms 
(altho' difficult to tell this month with a squirming rolling baby)
Foot Length - 9.8cms
Hand Length - 8cms 

Ear Length - 4.5cms 
(which hasn't changed in 3 months..so just goes to show that ears don't grow very fast)

Eyelashes - grown!! they're much longer...like horses'

Weight - not sure...will have to make my way to the baby-clinic (altho' think that there may be a marketing avenue for converting a kitchen baking scale into a baby scale)

This Month's Likes & Dislikes:

Likes -

  • rolling.....front to back, back to front (day 143)

  • soprano singing....very, very...very high pitched
  • wrestling with zozo (zebra)....he puts up quite a fight
  • blowing rasberries....still
  • eating toes...still
  • saying bababababababa....seems to have forgotten that she can say mama (day 132)
  • resting her feet on the pram bar

  • her two bottles of formula a day (do you think that they put opium in it? just a question because she seems addicted)
  • hugging...brand new thing...it involves limi throwing her head violently against my chest....which is quite brutal on the collarbones but very sweet
  • other forms of violent-affection...hair pulling, nose grabbing, nail raking, eye poking.....i look like i've acquired an untrained kitten

  • gnawing squeak (aka sophie la girafe)...actually squeak II but don't tell Limi...in the absence of squeak....gnawing my finger, hand, arm...even on the odd occasion trying for my cheek
  • her cousins playing peek-a-boo with her....never fails to make her belly-laugh

Dislikes -
  • being swaddled...our swaddling days are over (day 133)
  • the bright Summer sunshine in her eyes
  • me holding her bottle...when she can so obviously hold it herself (or so she thinks)
  • the cot's bars...too restrictive for her freeform-break-dance-swivelling at night
ps. a friend raised the very good question of why do most cots still have bars on the side...surely, they could improve the generic design to still allow air to flow but to stop the tangle of baby limbs and wood....

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