Saturday, 24 July 2010

jul, 24th - gerber baby...

day 162:

an american friend called Limi a Gerber Baby last night....i had to wiki it....the Gerber Baby is used to advertise baby food in the US and has 'tousled hair, bright blue eyes, and round pursed lips'....i guess the Gerber Baby is like the Pears Baby in South Africa....

with the world being so small these days, it's still odd to have these discussions where you have something that was so meaningful to you in your childhood but has no relevance to the other person....especially when you grew up in a very isolated environment like South Africa during the sanction years and prior to liberation from apartheid.

the biggest thing that A. can't believe i didn't experience as a child is Sesame Street - we had our own version called Pumpkin Patch. aaah well, i guess i have some catching up to do!

Any favourite episodes that you can recommend?

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