Saturday, 17 July 2010

jul, 17th - just keep on driving....

day 155:

shoowee, a long drive is tough on babies. strapped into a car-seat in a warm, crammed car.....our drive back from Cornwall made me feel guilty for the full 6 time i'm taking a train/ boat/ plane...anything that allows her a bit of freedom of movement. i mean, when we were small, we were lying on the back rear-window platform...or when we were really small, we were in baskets at our mum's feet or stretched across her lap. (which doesn't make it right but definitely wins if they're handing out high-risk-high-comfort badges.)

on the way down...we managed to break up the journey with a cricket match (see day 148) in-between and left the last 2.5 hours for night-time when she was happy to sleep. but, on the way home, we were just keen to get back. so, except for changing, feeding and rolling on a rug on a tiny patch of grass we found on the edge of a parking-lot (oh the glamour)...we just kept on trucking.

i highly DON'T recommend it!

we did ALOT of singing and even tried row, row, row your boat as a round WITH actions.

i was just happy to get home, pluck her from that seat and let her roll with abandon!
i've made a solemn promise that she won't be subjected to the car-seat for at least three days.

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