Wednesday, 21 July 2010

jul, 21st - buddies....

day 159:

A wise friend, told me that I would really value the relationships that I forge with other new mums who go through the parenting steep learning curve at the same time.....For me, it's been the girls that I met through pregnancy yoga (which followed through to mums and babies' yoga - see day 32)

Post yoga, over coffee, we have negotiated the formerly, little understood topics of: sleep (or surviving without it), feeding, weaning, travelling, nannies, hair/lack of hair, allergies, nurseries, teething, jabs, sickness, toys, sharing of chores, baby lessons, clothes, mishaps, returning to fact many topics that are just not suitable for general public consumption. They have given me endless brilliant advice and made me feel normal even when i've arrived on 3 hours sleep, feeling haggard and wearing my top inside out.

so, girls....thank you! the next round of coffees is on me.


With a summer break in our yoga schedule, we met in the park today instead. It was time for the babies to literally get to grips with each other.....

[Mabel: "Seriously Limi, what look are you channelling here? Washer woman?]

[Limi: "This is how I like to roll."]

[Limi: "I think I've got it, make two bunny ears......"]

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