Tuesday, 20 July 2010

jul, 20th - routine mojo...gone....

day 158:

my routine mojo obviously decided to stay behind in Cornwall (probably thought that it was not yet windswept and interesting enough....). we certainly haven't stuck to just one routine in the past 5.5 months ...but as Limi has grown and changed, I've tried to understand her patterns and build the routine around her and us.

we started out with feeds every 3-4 hours and a loooong sleep in the middle of the day followed by short naps on either side. this was brilliant for lazy lunches with friends (see day 15) but meant that they seldom got to see her awake and even resorted to poking and prodding her on occasion (you know who you are :). lately, she's been favouring a longer nap after her formula in the morning followed by a 2-ish hour nap early afternoon....but well this week...all patterns have vanished. and i'm stuck scrambling for bottles because she's suddenly ravenous....and trawling the local streets to get her to sleep when we appear to have somehow missed the afternoon nap and I know that she won't last until bedtime....help! if you're in Cornwall please post my mojo back (first class!).

so......below is a collage of my neighbourhood pacings (stopping for coffee once i've succeeded in getting her to drop off....hooray!)

Hipstamatic collage


  1. Maybe time to start her on solids?

  2. Awesome Collage... very talented. At least your little one has some sort of pattern. I'm in the beginning stages and she has no pattern yet.

  3. Hi,

    Yes, definitely starting solids soon. I wanted to give her a chance to adjust to the formula which she's done and I'm still interested in giving baby-led weaning (BLW) a go. It's recommended to start at 6 months but I think that she's pretty ready.

    Thanks, Hipstamatic did most of the work on the collage. Definitely our pattern at the very beginning was sleep, feed, change in rotation but at about 4/5 weeks, a friend recommended that I should try and start my day at the same time each morning (with the first feed) and that definitely helped to set the pattern.

    d x x


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