Wednesday, 7 July 2010

jul, 7th - portrait of a 5 month old....

day 145:

i was having an odd-ribbon-day…..but I love this pic. just like that, lissom suddenly looks like a baby girl rather than a newborn (of course, it still doesn’t stop strangers saying: ‘what a beautiful baby boy!’)


fantastic tip from my friend bonnie:

all three of us have been suffering from the plane trees in our street shedding their plane-dustings. It’s not as if A. or I suffer from hayfever….but these trees are pretty-but-sneeze-tastic.

Limi has really been suffering at night….all blocked up. We’ve turned the shower room into a steam room…..used nasal spray and even resorted to the torturous (for both of us) nose suction pump.
but what does seem to work...was the suggestion by a Bonnie to put a couple of baby-friendly vapour drops on a muslin cloth and then to throw it over your shoulder as you do the bedtime feed. once she's ready for bed i  drape it over the side of the cot and attach with a safety-pin.

it has the added benefit of clearing my blocked up nose and making the room smell delicious!

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