Friday, 9 July 2010

jul, 9th - packing....

day 147:

[Mousehole...our Cornish destination]

soooo, after our two overseas flying escapes (day 84 and day 102), next week we are off on our first driving holiday (we’re cramming them in before i have to go back to work!). we’re off for a week to Cornwall for A.’s annual cricket tour. Limi’s Nanna and Grandpa Bill are over from Australia and Stav is also joining us for a week of cricket pitches with sea views, postcard harbours, lots of dairy products (Cornwall is famous for its’ clotted cream, butter, clotted cream ice-cream….you get the theme here) , fantastic galleries and of course plenty of fresh fish and sea air.

although, we’re not constrained by the airline weight allowance this time around, we are fairly constrained by car space …so this is my driving-holiday-survival-list:

1.     car with a sizeable boot (obvious…yes!…but do we have one…no! after many years of just the two of us in the city with our only requirement, being a car big enough to fit a cricket bag in…we’re having to seriously reconsider zooting vs practical)
2.     packing in zones (read: separate bags that can be layered according to importance): bathing, feeding, sleeping, clothing… that when you get to your destination late at night, you’re not digging through the boot or bag to find the travel-cot sheet…. was that us in Greece…um…yes!
3.     a trip bag (which is a pimped-nappy-bag) – along with the essentials, include a sleep-suit so that at bedtime you can dress them in their sleeping gear and then it’s an easy transfer from the car to the cot
4.    and finally these bits and pieces in no particular order:

·      nail scissors/clippers (unless it’s just limi who’s nails seem to grow at scratch-lighting-speed….)
·      thermometer (only because it’s such a pain to be on holiday wondering if it’s actually a temperature or just a weather change)
·      a couple of emergency ready made formula cartons
·      the bedtime routine essentials – soundtrack, rubber-ducks and her giraffe waterholes

p.s. i'm hoping that all the extra hands will mean plenty of lie-ins and book reading...whoohoo!

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