Monday, 19 July 2010

jul, 19th - getting creative....

day 157:

i was feeling creative today. made a headband for Limi out of one of mine and a spare button that was hanging about in a drawer. i think that it makes her look a bit like a 17th century Dutch painting....or alternatively i'm misguided and she looks more like a washer woman.


Heather Moore's Skinny laMinx dress
love the prints by Heather Moore at Skinny laMinx...and her blog is also a must-read if you're into design, printmaking or creativity. she's based in Cape Town, South Africa, but sells her gorgeously-sludgy-coloured wares internationally, on Etsy. Take a look. I'm coveting this cushion with it's whimsical protea to remind me of home.

Heather Moore's Skinny laMinx cushion

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