Monday, 5 July 2010

jul, 5th - rolling, rolling, rolling....

day 143:

THIS 4.9 (okay, almost 5) month old can roll....we're talking front to back...back to front and more than one repetition!!!

this amazing feat started with tentative rolls onto each side....progressing to an 80's break-dancing swivel....

a week later....and our athlete was able to flip from a front 'resting-on-elbows' position to the 'flat-on-the-back' well known pose....

and then on Saturday....she defied expectations and managed a full roll from 'flat-on-back' to 'front-on-elbows' and back to 'flat on back'....this was met by gasps from the audience who watched as she negotiated the risky head-whacking-hard-floor dangers with ease. this was swiftly followed by two full rotations....and was met by wild applause from her avid supporters.

ps. bet that she won't display any of these rolling skills at yoga on Wednesday, it took weeks to convince the girls that Limi spent her days eating her toes as she does a very good impression of 'grinning-sack-of-flour' at yoga.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness! Good for her! I love her outfit. Too cute.


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