Sunday, 17 April 2011

apr, 17th - the old biscuit mill....

day 434:

markets, providence, artisans, quirky style, attention to detail......these are all things that get me excited....combine them and you have the Neighbourhood Goods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, South Africa. it's held every Saturday in the old restored mill, a building that sat empty for years until a couple of guys got excited about the markets in New York and London and decided to bring the same thing back to the Mother City.

what began as a farmers'/artisans' market has now flourished into an incredible, weekly event that showcases amazing local food and creative products.....but what i love just as much is that it attracts all different types of locals and foreigners all drawn in by the soul imbued in every stall.

it has brought life and soul to a grittier part of town and been so successful that i urge you to go before 11am as it gets crazy busy over lunch.....but if you can squeeze yourself onto the edge of a hay bale, it also provides excellent people watching.

if you can't make it there on a saturday, then the mill is still worth a visit during the week. there are resident shops that sell a beautiful collection of locally flavoured products.

but for now, we have a belly full of gazpacho, a stock of wines and cheeses to get us through our first few days and a happy, barefoot baby. 

let the holidays commence.


  1. 'pineapples in the sky' is my favourite image... might have to add it to the manifesto collection!

  2. Well firstly Dee, so nice to have you back, I missed your wonderful photographs ..... how lovely to have time at home and it all looks so amazing .... especially the food, oh and those dirty little feet, divine !!!

  3. Oh how divine! Makes me wonder why I'm not at the Biscuit Mill every Saturday!! SO wonderful to see you guys...thanks for making the time to see us! love x


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