Tuesday, 19 April 2011

apr, 19th - boezaart....

day 436 continued....

Stellenbosch is a university town 40 minutes outside of Cape Town. I had a lots of friends who studied here.....it's unbelievably picturesque with its' beautiful white, gabled buildings and ancient oak trees. although, its' proximity to all the incredible wine estates that dot the valley was often more of a focus during those student years. but i happily spend quite a bit of time here when i go back. you can stroll the streets and feel like you are in a quaint village. what i also love about Stellies is all it's creativity......it oozes orginality.

for the past couple of years, i've worked with some fine jewellers who are based here.....Boezaart focuses on the amazing raw materials on their doorstep and produces everything by hand for a refined yet artisanal feel....which is of course why i love being involved.

although it was a quick visit, it was lovely to catch-up and see the fantastic new shop with a window into the workshop. 

we also tried to experience this wonderful looking bakery, De Oude Bank Bakkerij, on Church street...but alas, it was closed. hopefully next time we'll get a chance to savour their bread baked in a woodfire oven. 

we did pop into The Farmer's Daughter, a shop that i've drooled over online and been desperate to visit since it opened last year. more pics and details to come in a future post. yes, i do have enough posts stacking up to last at least a month.......

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  1. Beautiful deedil. You've inspired a trip to Stellenbosch! x


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