Wednesday, 6 April 2011

apr, 6th - ice-cream afternoons....

day 424:

it was the most gorgeous day in i came home, threw on some sandals and Limi and i headed out for ice-cream. our neighbourhood cafe has at last reopened (hooray!) {see day 203}......proper pics of that soon.....

so down we wandered, grabbed a seat outside and with Limi perched on the spoon each and a small tab of vanilla ice-cream to share, we watched the world go by....Cherry tree blossoms showered the passing cars and the people headed home with beautiful sunny smiles.

what a good day for ice-cream.

ps. yikes.....teething....five teeth popped out ages ago and the rest are just toying with us......they seem to be arranging a mass appearance......
anyway, we're trying an amber necklace to ease the pain....well, and also cold ice-cream on those swollen gums......


  1. yummy impromptu ice-cream!! I never heard about amber for teething, has it worked?

  2. I'm glad you are an "impromptu" mum !!!

  3. Lily has been wearing her amber necklace for months and not only does she love wearing it but it also seems to have helped a lot with teething.


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