Wednesday, 20 April 2011

apr, 20th - olympia cafe.....

day 437 continued.......

on Kalk Bay {see day 437} main road, is Olympia Cafe, the very first artisanal bakers to cause the rebirth of this seaside village as a foodie hotspot. it serves more than just pastries and at night the twinkling lights inside, mirror the boats out in the harbour.

the pace is slower in Kalk Bay and Olympia always provides an eclectic mix of creatives working away on some project or other as they drink carefully made coffees and munch jam coated bread.

you never feel rushed to leave and morning coffee has been known to turn into lunch with a strong desire to come back for dinner. the draw is the warmth of the place and the consistently good food that comes from sourcing wonderful ingredients. the menu changes based on what has come in fresh.

what i love about the cafe is that i feel just as comfortable descending with a group of friends as i do sitting at the window enjoying some solitude.

below, is the takeaway section of Olympia...the theatrical side-door effect. croissants, cinnamon sticks and ciabattas are piled high on the counters fresh from the oven. it's the best early-morning-drop-in spot in the city.

Olympia Cafe
134 Main Road
7975 Kalk Bay South Africa


  1. Yup...we love Olympia. And if you were there right now and looked up between sips of good coffee you'd see the waves rolling over the harbour wall. Lovely deedil. xx

  2. What a great spot and you have captured it perfectly Dee.

  3. We went there yesterday and had the most delicious lunch ever! What a great place. Such a good atmosphere. It was buzzing and the staff there were so lovely. Great recommendation Dee. Thank you!!


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