Monday, 25 April 2011

apr, 25th - down at the boma...

day 442: 

for the last night of the wedding festival we had dinner in the Boma....a Boma is traditionally where livestock were kept in the middle of a African village. but now, Bomas are also open air enclosures in game reserves (generally free of any animals......lion, giraffe, hippos) where you can enjoy a dinner under the African sky.

all the guests were piled into game vehicles and driven through golden light down to the boma at the edge of a vast lake.

over gin & tonics and ice-cold beers, we watched the sun dip behind the water and i wondered when next my family would all be's tough when we're flung far and wide...but hey, it's the same for many people....never enough time with family.....

and to finish a wonderful weekend......marshmallows roasted in the fire.......


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