Saturday, 2 April 2011

apr, 2nd - freshly baked scones...

day 420:

fresh air, plenty of space, mossy grass beneath your toes, good friends, delicious food and signs of sprouting Spring in every direction.....we headed to friends in the English countryside again this weekend.

the air is still we could still sit around a cosy open fire at night but with bright sunshine drying the dew we could eat freshly baked scones al fresco while the boys played very British! 

it's definitely no longer Winter.........well, except for the hat, jumper and coat.


  1. Oh Dee these shots are just divine ... I love Limi's little jodphurs ... and that tennis court and those scones ... and ... and ... !!!!

  2. What a beautiful weekend, and a lovely place to spend it and yum fresh scones!!!!


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