Thursday, 14 July 2011

jul, 14th - princess victoria....

day 518:

the princess victoria pub is one of our all time favourites. it's in west london and not far from where we live. the fact that it's an old gin palace (which to me is the right amount of opulence associated with gin) and that it was at the end of an old tram line, explains it's incredibly lavish interior in a slightly grungy location. 

but the best thing about this place is the love and attention that has been given to bringing it back to life. the tram is long gone but many of the original features remain inside. and, the care is not just around the interior but also the seasonal food and the bible of a wine list. they even grow their own herbs in the 'beer' garden.

we are always impressed by how consistently great the food is, the selection always grabs you with at least one or two choice dilemmas and the service is plain lovely. we go back again and again and again, always trying to gather a crowd so that we can book the gigantic dining table that dominates the space under the vaulted, ornate sky light. one of the greats.

ps. i will try and take a few more pics next time we visit.

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  1. Sounds wonderful ... I love a good pub !!!


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