Monday, 4 July 2011

jul, 4th - medium format....

day 508:

i've debated about whether to post these pics......they're the test roll from my beautiful, vintage Rollei {see day 480}. I bought me this camera just before Limi was born on a whimful-longing for the medium format cameras we used at art school.....but then i got distracted and it got wrapped up and tucked away.....

so, hauling it out to do a test roll was significant enough......but what i was really looking forward to was immersing myself in the very manual process.....and the level of anticipation of waiting for the film to come back......i've missed that feeling.

although my still life was invaded by a toddler, there are plenty of lessons learnt in this test roll and the subject is not terribly exciting......i am biasedly in love with these pics....just because they didn't come back 'blank'.......

i can't wait to get to know this camera better.


  1. SOOO beautiful! There's nothing like it...
    Please keep practicing and posting more!

  2. Oh Dee they are beautiful.

  3. wow. those are beautiful! :::


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