Tuesday, 19 July 2011

jul, 19th - late nights in provence....

[pics by A.]

day 521:

top 10 things for today......

1. dinner in a beautiful, simple restaurant in a tiny village on a hill (more to come)
2. being inspired to take pictures of every detail (more to come)
3. Limi learning to say teepee....which she finds incredibly funny.....
4. swimming, floating, diving under water
5. sludgy coloured shutters everywhere
6. waking up this morning to heavy rain outside....Limi sitting up, pointing and saying 'shower'
7. bare feet
8. staying up too late and sleeping in....for all three of us
9. squeals of laughter
10. family holidays


  1. All sounds PERFECT ... you look amazing !!!
    Keep having fun !!!

  2. So envious :)
    Beautiful photo.
    Have a wonderful time!


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