Friday, 22 July 2011

jul, 22nd - blue skies in provence....

day 524:

my 10 favourite things for today......

1. the bride's lunch at maison bru (more to come)
2. floating in blue water
3. Limi growing hair at different lengths
4. lavender marshmallows....fantastic taste but even better colour....(at no. 1)
5. delicious muscat after an alfresco dinner with A.
6. bare feet on soft lawn
7. holding hands with A. whilst strolling down stone lanes
8. a gathering of friends all in one place for a bride and groom
9. the perfect grey shutters
10. a cool breeze


  1. wonderful parade of natty dresses (and much demand from an already enthralled audience i see). would love to say 'i told you so' but that would be churlish ;-)

    hurry home - we're missing you.

  2. What a gorgeous little girl you have!! And that picture of the tree ... I dream of picnics under trees like that one!


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