Monday, 11 July 2011

jul, 11th - tea-cups....

day 515:

i've mentioned the brilliance of Skinny laMinx before {see day 157 and day 252}. when we were in Cape Town, i met Heather Moore aka Skinny laMinx at this market {see day 434} and bought one of her tea-towels.....

i'm not a huge buyer of tea-towels....i mean, i like a good tea-towel, i like it to be aesthetically pleasing and most important, i like it to be versatile (read: absorbant, heat resistant, stain resistant}....but i'm no tea-towel collector.....

but having snapped up one of Heather's and used it over the past couple of months....i had a moment the other day where i thought 'this is one fine tea-towel....really amazing quality' and now i wish that i had bought more. Heather does all her own designs and gets everything printed in South Africa. but you can buys her products globally via etsy

don't you love it when something has been made with care....AND works better than most of the other versions you've tried.


  1. I LOVE Skinny laMinx, she is one of my favourite designers ever. Tea towels ROCK!

  2. Skinny Laminx tea towels are gorgeous. I just love the designs from Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx. Nice Teapots.
    herbal tea


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