Saturday, 30 July 2011

jul, 30th - provence: brocante....

day 532:

while we hunted for treasures in a brocante (French antique and vintage objects) yard just outside Uzes.....Limi hunted for her new the sky above.

we found plenty of things for our future house.......

and fell head over heels for this tricycle. isn't it perfect.

alas, the proprietor was adamant that this bike is not for riding and therefore burst the image in my head of Limi tearing around the Shoebox on simple metal and wood. i would happily look at it as a sculptural object but our London space just doesn't allow for objects that cannot be perched on, eaten off or slept in. 

sadly, i can't post the address, name or directions to this place. 
i would have to be in the passenger seat next to you counting traffic circles.


  1. what a cool place!!! and she is beautiful!!

    jenna duty

  2. Bee-spotting is a wonderful pastime! And this place... that tricycle... oh!

  3. oooh I have a mini version of that tricycle - so cute!

    I am loving all these photos, Dee - keep em comin'! x
    P.S - that coral dress with the oversized peter pan collar - your design?? Amazing - well done! Can't wait until I can purchase one! x


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