Wednesday, 20 July 2011

jul, 20th - market days in provence....

day 522:

my ten favourite things for today........
(so many things to share when i get back to London....Provence is the sludgy-shade-on-shutters-perfection that i expected....)

1. Limi's face when her cousins have never seen someone so kick-your-feet-excited
2. crusty bread fresh from the artisinal baker at the end of the lane
3. lunch with the beautiful bride (we are in town for a wedding)
4. market day in st. remy (more to come)
5. siesta's
6. my sister arriving with samples from our project (more to come)
7. watching the cousins hold hands and skip down stone-paved alleys
8. twirling to ben harper with Limi
9. time with family...sitting outside...nowhere to be
10. the perfect shade of grey....everywhere


  1. Looks and sounds like a dream! Thanks for letting me escape there, even just for a minute! xx
    P.S - Limi is adorable in that hat!

  2. oh how beautiful!! sounds and looks like you are having a terrific time together. any sign of Le Tour where you are? we are enjoying the visual feast each night on TV while cheering on Cadel.


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