Thursday, 21 July 2011

jul, 21st - cobbled lanes in provence....

day 523:

we are halfway through our summer holiday in provence and loving every second.....even the bits like putting in petrol (that usually bores me to tears) and unpacking each time we move.....i have so many pics that i am desperate to share but these will have to wait till London...for now, Hipstamatic gives you a sense of the blue skies, stone buildings and lovely light....

top 10 favourite things for today:

1. watching Limi look at her cousins with complete's going to be bleak at the end of the summer when they head home
2. a bit of shopping in the fantastic shops in st remy....still contemplating some vintage children's school chairs.....and contemplating how to carry them home too
3. lunch at le bistrot du paradou (more to come)
4. the silly graffitti above that says, 'sorry about your wall'....probably just the fact that it's written in french makes it seem chic
5. beautiful avenues of plain trees
6. fountains in hidden squares (more to come)
7. sleeping with windows wide pen and covers thrown off
8. french linen
9. freshly made crepes for breakfast
10. beautiful evening light


  1. You make it sound so magical...can't wait for a slew of photos when you get back to London! Aren't babies so cute with other kids - it's amazing how they know. Even at 6 months my daughter just lights up when she sees her 2 year old cousin. It's the most beautiful thing...

    P.S - I am OBSESSED with that dress Limi is wearing. And I mean obsessed. Would you mind sharing where it's from?? :) xx

  2. Limi's dress is just divine .... sounds like an amazing time for you all, loving that graffiti
    too !!!

  3. Oooh yes! French linen! I dream about it!


  4. Hello there,
    Hope you're having a lovely holiday!
    I am the Houses Editor for IKEA Family Live magazine and would love to email you with regards to photographing your 'shoebox' for the magazine. I can't see your email address here but if you could send me an email to I'd love to tell you a bit more about it!
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Bethan John, Houses Editor, IKEA Family Live


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