Saturday, 9 July 2011

jul, 9th - willow grace....

day 513:

we headed out to the english countryside today to our good friends gen and james {remember day 392 and day 479} to meet their beautiful willow grace for the very first time......gen is one of my very best friends and i was dark-cloud-gloomy last weekend when we had to postpone our trip due to Limi catching a nasty Summer! cold.

Willow is perfection and her parents are relaxed and taking it all in their stride......a wonderfully warm place to spend the morning.....i had forgotten about all the sweet mewls and squawks that come out of a newborn......and those delicious stretches.....they are so blissfully unaware that they have an entire room fixated on their every move.

question is: 'we are gathering a gang of, where are all the boys?'


  1. all the boys are here! i don't know anyone having girls! willow is just gorgeous. congrats to gen and james.


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