Wednesday, 1 August 2012

aug, 1st - mini hooves....

day 904 / 3:

it's been a week of getting to know our 'mini hooves'......she's been a real honey so far and already a vital part of our household.

thank you for all the congrats messages. we are so over the moon. a name for our thunderhooves......we're still trying to agree on one in our house. it took us six days to name Limi, so we have until Sunday....

as for Limi at the same age.....these two look uncannily the same {see day 14}

p.s. love the violin-playing-pose in the last two.


  1. She is absolutely divine, Dee!

  2. precious and perfect!!

    can't wait to hear her name,when you two settle on it :)

    happy weekend@

  3. Oh Dee she is so gorgeous and it is uncanny how much her and Limi are alike .... sisters, how special !!!

  4. So precious and so new!

    Can't wait to hear the name you choose for her! x

  5. Oh she is just so beautiful. She's so long :) My bub is now 9 months old, was almost 10opounds at birth so I never felt like I had a newborn with him. He was all rolls :)
    Can't wait for the name announcement.


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