Monday, 11 October 2010

oct, 11th - grandparents....

day 241:

grandparents are good for.....

  • holding your hand while you walk around the garden for ages and ages pointing out all the flowers, leaves and bugs
  • letting you lick the spoon and bowl while they bake your favourite cake
  • snuggling up to while they read your favourite book
  • helping you to cut out bits of paper to make your own paper, glitter and glue artwork
  • teaching you how to sew on buttons
  • showing you how to grow vegetables or instead make a mud-bath
  • letting you leap in that mud-bath with wild abandon
  • listening to your day's adventures
  • sewing your doll/bear a new outfit
  • teaching you to tell the time
  • waiting patiently while you tie your own shoelaces

  • and finally, just sitting and spending time with you without having to rush off to do something else....

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