Tuesday, 12 October 2010

oct, 12th - this blog....

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day 243:

so....although i'm no techno-phobe or techno-nerd (falling somewhere in between at techno-normal?) i was a late-start on the whole blogging thing (i mean deciding to do a daily blog of Limi's first year when she was already 2 weeks old was probably a hint). blogging did seem fairly undiscovered in the UK at that time....a bit like roquefort cheese salads.....which if you like blue cheese, then South Africa does seriously, the best roquefort salads in the whole wide world....but if you live in London, then you will find that the Brits don't DO roquefort cheese salads. anyway, i digress, this is about blogging not cheese....

as i've mentioned before, i started this blog to: help our far-flung friends and family get to know Limi; to keep a record of her first year and to have a excuse valid reason to take endless photographs of a rapidly growing model.

i started the blog when i barely read any other blogs (where had i been living? on the moon? in Outer Mongolia with no WiFi?)...and then looking for inspiration one day, i stumbled across Top Baby Blogs and found pages and pages of fantastic baby blogs.....yes, they're mainly about babies....and if you don't have a baby then they're, well...a bit babified....but still these are brilliant blogs by some seriously sleep deprived people who can still manage to string a sentence together. 

from here....i went through a slight blog-addiction phase....it was the phase where Limi was tiny, sleeping alot.....i was home alone...it was Winter.....etc. etc. etc. so baby blogs got extended to lifestyle blogs, photography blogs, fashion blogs, food blogs, architecture blogs and seriously....there are some fantastic blogs out there....people amaze me with their creativity, imagination, wit, photography, sheer brilliance......

i now have my addiction under control (a fast moving infant helps you to focus) and there are about 10 incredible blogs that i read on a regular basis (although i'm always surf-stumbling across another brilliant one). i have also learnt so much about writing this blog and Following and Twitter (and 6 year-old Limi if you're reading this...those are probably as retro as Facebook now...sorry!)

anyway, there is still loads to learn...but i'm loving the process, the opportunity to flex my creative brain and the blogging community that was there all along...i just didn't know it!

so.....if you're as brand new to this as i am.....then here's the low-down...

  • Follow: if you want to follow this blog or any blog then click on the Follow button like the one at the top on the right. following doesn't really do anything except make me know you're out there (warm and fuzzy) and gives you an index of all the blogs that you're following. So click and hey presto, i'll know you're there.
  • Comments: comments on the posts....love them......lets me know you're out there (again, warm and fuzzy) and that it's not just my mum reading. love you mum!  
  • Voting: you can vote for the blog once a day using the button on the right. again, it doesn't really do anything except hopefully help people to find me (very, warm and fuzzy) and maybe, just maybe, Top Baby Blogs will send me a badge.
so, here's a toast to blogging (raises end-of-day, large small glass of wine). who knew?


  1. This photo is absolutely beautiful. Seriously it's competition worthy. I love it.
    Top Baby Blogs, can't vote for myself -- but will vote for you and Limi!

  2. Just came across your blog on topbaby blogs. You take beautiful pictures :) New to the blogging world, but voted.


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