Wednesday, 20 October 2010

oct, 20th - cruising baby....

day 251:

we have a cruising baby.....cruising's an official baby term that i learnt this week...although if you look up 'baby cruising' on google then you get a lot of special family deals on cruise holidays....not something that i've ever considered and probably not a good idea with a cruising baby. (okay, that has to be a record use of the word 'cruise' in one sentence.)

anyway...cruising babies pull themselves up to standing and walk holding onto something (couch, table, wall, you...) something else that i learnt is that this standing skill is often linked with the pincer picking up a small object between finger and thumb often develops at the same time as the ability to stand. who knew.

another, not as well documented link is the audible intake of breath that parents develop at the same time......

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