Friday, 1 October 2010

oct, 1st - milestones....

day 231:

there's been a sudden flurry of milestones that Limi has conquered over the past week. pretty exciting for her and for us. although, they come with the usual bittersweet notion that time is passing and have we savoured every moment....(some of our friends would say that we may not have savoured but we have certainly attempted to capture each one...)

so....on milestones, just short of her 8 month update....limi has tackled:

  • pulling herself up to standing....current success rate 60%, although at least she's starting to figure out how to land on her cushioned nappy rather than her head

  • crawling at speed.....0 to down-the-passage at turn-your-head pace
  • clapping! this is a biggie. she is super chuffed with this one. and impressively, she claps on, i wake up in the morning to this small slapping sound and when you walk into her room she's sitting in her cot...clapping away!!
  • and finally, holding her own bottle..but more importantly, tilting it to reach the liquid. she's even introduced a swivelling action...obviously i've been doing it wrong for 4 months.
anyway that's the round up for this week....

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