Wednesday, 13 October 2010

oct, 13th - first tooth....

day 244:

voila! after waiting and waiting and waiting......and expecting rashes, red cheeks, ear pulling and yelping cries of pain.......without *much* todo, the first tooth has broken through!!!

of course it's one small victory (and i'm told that it can even disappear, no, no!) but at last, we have one lower middle tooth (on the left) that is definitely just through the gum. it was hard to tell because after months of limi not being able to get enough of munch on our fingers, knuckles, hands.....we suddenly can't get them past her very pursed lips.

but before we throw the bonjela in the bin (actually, we're using herbal teething powder but there's no alliteration there...), we have 19 more baby teeth to go.....20 teething teeth....20! all 20 should apparently come through by the time Limi is 3 so that means about 1 tooth every 1.5 months for the next 27 months. let's hope that the rest have learnt from this first one.

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